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Best Glasses for Shiraz


Most people would think the shape and size of a wine glass wouldn’t have a great deal of impact on the taste of a wine. However, designing quality wine glasses is a real science. Many wine glasses are specially designed with specific grape varieties in mind (eg.Shiraz), to either emphasise and balance certain components of the wine they produce.

In fact, the same wine will taste differently when consumed in different glasses. So, if you’re a serious Shiraz drinker, like so many of us are, we’re about to take a not so serious, but very helpful look at the Top 5 Best Glasses for Shiraz.


1. Shott Zwiesel Entertainers Invento Bordeaux Glass 6-Pack

$57.00 normally $114 ($9.50 per glass)

This is the THE bargain of the list, snap these up quick. Quality glasses @ under $10 per glass, crazy.

This classic Shiraz glass perfect for that special bottle of medium to full bodied red. This classic shaped glass is designed to give your wine maximum aeration and allow the aromatics to develop fully, adding greater depth and appreciation to your experience.  Grab them here.

????? Verdict – Best bargain, German quality for cheap.


2. Riedel Extreme Shiraz Glass Set of 6

$154.00 normally $170 ($25.67 per glass)

Perfect mid range option with the perfect balance of quality and price, these are ideal to bring out for a dinner party

The Shiraz glass is perfect for balancing the gripping tannins and concentrated fruit typical of medium-bodied red wines.

Take a look here


???? Verdict – Top quality mid range and great value


There are our 2 favourite shiraz wine glasses available currently. The list will be added to soon.



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