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Chardonnay Food Pairings that Might Surprise You – Perfect Matching

Chardonnay is often overshadowed by its Burgundian cousin Pinot Noir, despite being the most widely planted variety in the Yarra Valley and second in the Mornington Peninsula. Chardonnay is now made in a wide range of styles, much evolved from the super rich, excessive style that dominated in previous decades.   This variety means there are a huge number of interesting food pairings beyond the old adage “white meat, white wine”. Our master tasters have put together the following pairing suggestions for you.


This traditional raw seafood dish has fairly delicate flavours, and might be overpowered by rich wine. The lean and crisp style of unoaked chardonnay makes for a perfect matching with sashimi, gently elevating the natural oil and acid from the fish. By the same token, this style works well with ceviche or oysters.

Pair With: Moorooduc Devil Bend Creek Chardonnay

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Smashed Avocado with Haloumi

A dish that most people associate with breakfast and not usually enjoyed with wine, however our research has proven that Chardonnay makes an excellent brunch wine. The salty, creamy haloumi and subtle richness of avocado will go well with a Chardonnay that has some mineral character.

Pair With: Domaine Chandon Chardonnay

Butter Chicken Curry

The classic Chardonnay pairing is with roast chicken, but it will equally go well with chicken prepared in spices and a creamy sauce. The natural acid in Chardonnay will cut through the richness of the curry, with the nutty flavours of oak aged chardonnay complementing the spice and fragrance.

Pair With: Port Phillip Estate Quartier Chardonnay

Gnocchi with Sage Butter

Some Chardonnays are described as buttery, but next to actual butter they are quite refreshing. A good chardonnay will provide a counter point to the strong, earthy flavour of sage butter without the clashing, zesty flavours of other white wines. A nice richer style of chardonnay with some good stone fruit flavours will work well.

Pair With: Pimpernel Chardonnay


Fish is one of the more traditional pairings on this list, however as Chardonnay has fallen in and out of fashion, Salmon is more often paired with a Rosé or less effectively, Sauvignon Blanc. Sometimes the traditional thinking works best. The rich, oily salmon textures harmonise with a full-bodied Chardonnay showing ripe peach and caramel flavours.

Pair With: Tucks Ridge Buckle Chardonnay

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