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New Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula profiles

Recently we have added some of our favourite Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley stops to our website.

Yarra Valley

Payten & Jones

Our new favourite and a cellar door we are so glad we have discovered. As you have gathered, it’s different, it’s friendly, the wines are delicious (and different) and it’s just cool. Highly recommended a visit here.

Payten & Jones

Payten & Jones mural on winery and courtyard

Killara Estate

This is one of our new favourite stops for fun groups as it combines, relaxed and fun vibes, amazing views, generous Italian feasts and lovely wines.

Killara Estate

Tasting with a view at Killara Estate

Seville Estate

Off the beaten track in the Upper Yarra Valley, this is a real hidden gem.  The fit-out is modern and stunning and somehow fits in perfectly with the very Australian surrounds. The wines here are highly regarded and highly awarded. Couple that with the refined restaurant and it all adds up to a real class act.

Seville Estate dining room

Stunning dining room at Seville Estate

Mornington Peninsula

Jetty Road Brewery

Jetty Road Brewery is a great place to visit particularly at the end of the tour, when you just want to enjoy some drinks and times with your friends. Not particularly informative, think of it more of a visit to an awesome pub. Beers here are exceptional, service is friendly and vibes are fun.

Tasting paddle @ Jetty Road Brewery

Some of the best beers you will taste at Jetty Road Brewery

T’Gallant Wines

Always renowned as a top place to visit for fun vibes and relaxed atmosphere, T’Gallant combines this with a picturesque location, Italian food and accessible wines.  Recommended for more fun days out and great for photo opportunities, the target market is younger and more fun than some of the serious wineries on the Peninsula.

T'Gallant Spuntino Bar

The T’Gallant Spuntino bar entrance



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