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Shiraz Wine and Food Pairing – Perfect Matching

Shiraz (or Syrah – yes, they are the same grape), tends to be quite full-bodied and is appreciated best when matched with a great dish. Pairing Shiraz with food isn’t rocket science – basically, big bold flavours in the wine will do well with big bold flavours on the plate!

The main thing you should know when it comes to choosing a Shiraz to go with food (or choosing food to go with your Shiraz) is whether you’re talking cool or warm climate Shiraz.

Cool Climate Shiraz

  • Classic expressions of cool climate Syrah (a term used pretty much everywhere outside of Australia), like those from the Rhône valley in France, tend to be dark, earthy, smoky, and often very dry
  • These wines can be quite leathery, and are well suited to cut through robust flavours and fatty foods

Warm Climate Shiraz

  • Typical Australian Shiraz, mainly those from SA, fall under the umbrella of warm climate
  • These wines are rich, dark and intense, with more sweetness and fruit, such as blackberries and blueberries, coming through on the palate

Beef from Polperro pairs perfectly with a cool climate shiraz

Here are some of our go-to ideas for pairing food with Shiraz.

Grilled and Barbecued Foods

Sausages, kebabs and hearty vegetables that have a nice char from the grill, as well as smoky barbecued meats are the perfect matching for warm climate Shiraz. Big, fruity Australian Shiraz, like those from the Barossa or McLaren Vale, go beautifully with these bold flavours.

Smoky grilled meat and vegetables go wonderfully with warm climate Shiraz


Try a marbled steak or a rich beef stew with a cool climate Shiraz. Something bone dry, such as a Syrah from the Northern Rhône, will do amazing things to a fatty cut of beef. The savoury elements of the meat will also help round out the tannins in the wine. In other words, the wine enhances the food, and the food enhances the wine!


From chops and gyros to roasts and casseroles, there is always a Shiraz to accompany a lamb dish. Australian Shiraz (with Aussie lamb, of course), is always a good bet – try a Victorian Shiraz, which will be rich in dark fruits and quite peppery. American Syrah from the northwest (i.e. Washington state) is also a great option.

Merricks Creek‘s Eye Fillet beef


Check out our Pinot Noir pairing ideas here, and find out why Australia has plenty to offer from both the warm and cool climate categories.

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