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Tempranillo Food and Wine Matching

Tempranillo is a versatile partner to food. Like other big reds Cabernet and Sangiovese, Tempranillo has high acid, providing structure and cutting through fats and proteins. This makes it a refreshing partner to all sorts of heavier meats, fatty cheeses and more.


Quintessentially Spanish, Tapas can range from a simple aperitif to something more sophisticated. Whether is just some sardines and olives, or croquettas and fried squid, Tempranillo is the perfect red wine. You’ll want a joven(young) wine with less oak age to have with your tapas. Australian Tempranillo and Rosado styles are equally appropriate.

Classic Spanish Cusine

Spain is a relatively large country with a huge range of regional styles and dishes. Fortunately, Tempranillo is grown almost throughout and tends to work well with regional specialties, whether from Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia or Galicia. Some common items are delicious Manchego cheese, Paella, and red peppers – pimientos asados are a classic dish of La Rioja.

Jamon, Pork, Chorizo

The wonderful aroma and bottle bouquet of Reserva and Gran Reserva Rioja produces leather, cloves, smoke and more, all of which works so well with cured meats, sausages and cuts of pork.

So much more…

There is a really big range of foods that Tempranillo can accentuate, from American BBQ and burgers to albronidas meatballs and even game like rabbit. It’s not a huge leap to other Mediterranean cuisines like Italian or even Mexican. Tomato or corn based dishes pair excellently Tempranillo, from Lasagne and Polenta to Enchiladas and chile con carne.


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