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Top 5 Best Glasses for Pinot Noir


Most people wouldn’t think the size or shape of a wine glass would have a great deal of impact on the taste of a wine. However, designing wine glasses is a very serious science. Some wine glasses are specially designed with specific grape varieties in mind, to either emphasise and balance certain components of the wine they produce.

In fact, the same wine will taste differently when consumed in different glasses. So, if you’re a serious Pinot Noir drinker, like so many of us are, we’re about to take a not so serious, but very helpful look at the Top 5 Best Glasses for Pinot Noir.



1. Riedel Heart to Heart Crystal Pinot Noir Wine Glass, set of 2

$61.58 (equivalent to $30.80 per glass)

Aside from the great looking, modern design of these wine glasses, the shape and size is perfect for Pinot. The wide bowl captures the highly aromatic forest fruits of these wines, then delivers them via its contoured rim. Riedel are the leaders in wine glass research and development, so when you purchase a set of their glasses, you know you’re drinking your wine from the best possible vessel. See these here

????? Verdict – Great for swirling



2. Riedel Big O Wine Tumbler Pinot, set of 2

$38.16 (equivalent to $19.08 per glass)

Stemless glassware has taken off in a big way, and these Riedel Big O tumblers manage to mix the more traditional Pinot Noir wine glass shape, with a sleek stemless design. You may have seen this tulip-shaped bowl before but not really understood the reason behind it. The curved, outward pointing rim actually performs a very important role in how you taste your Pinot. The rim of the glass directs the wine to the tip of the tongue, where sweetness, or in this case, full and ripe fruit flavours are detected, which also helps to balance the acidity and tannin. Pretty cool huh? Check them out here

???? Verdict – Fancy but affordable



3. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Collection, set of 6

$342.49 (equivalent to $48.50 per glass)

While the sharp, geometric look of this glass is certainly eye-catching, it’s also amazingly strong. This crystal glass contains titanium, making it hard to scratch, chip or break…handy if you know some vigorous glass clinkers.

The wide bowl is great for aerating your wine so you get the full effect of the bouquet, and also doubles as a handy pour line. Take a look here


???? Verdict – Very cool, very German. We like it.



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4. Zalto Denk’Art Burgundy Glass


$240 per glass

This is an impressive glass to say the least. With its super thin stem and elegant oversized bowl, drinking your Pinot from this mouth-blown glass is certainly an experience like no other. Allowing a wide area of movement across this glass will really open-up your wine and allow it’s intoxicating aroma to take over. Have a look at these ones here


????? Verdict – Sold! …but can we pay in instalments?


5. Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass, set of 6


$81.60 (equivalent to $13.80 per glass)

Excellent value for these lead-free crystal glasses, made in Italy. With 25 generations of glass making in their history, these guys know glassware. They’ve used a special type of crystal in the production of these glasses which is totally transparent and colourless, so you can fully appreciate the vibrancy and colour of your Pinot.  See this bargain here

????? Verdict – Exceptional value for money, great design.




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