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Top Aussie Drops to Ring in the New Year

The drink most commonly associated with New Year’s Eve is sparkling wine, specifically Champagne. Even though it’s one of the biggest days of the year for champagne and Prosecco consumption, The French and Italians don’t have a monoploy on festive beverages. If you would prefer something local to pair with the transition from old to new this year, we’ve got a list of great Aussie wines below. 

Ocean Eight Sparkling VIC

ocean eight

The Ocean Eight sparkling typically sees at least six years on lees and is a very smart blend of excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This puts in on par with the best vintage champagne, and whilst the price is getting up there for an Aussie Sparkling, its a bargain compared to vintage Dom Perignon or Krug. A smart drop to start the night or save until the countdown.

Adelina Polish Hill Riesling SA

adelina riesling

This wine is destined to become a classic, from its striking label design to its purity and power of expression. Typically floral nose, lime cordial and amazing acidity. Made by Col McBryde, this Riesling is on par with (and much more affordable) than certain other Polish Hill Rieslings of renown.

Flametree Chardonnay WA

This is the Chardonnay for people who don’t drink Chardonnay, as well as those who want to drink Chardonnay all night. It’s a fresher, leaner style so you wont get overwhelmed with richness by your third glass, but it still has plenty of concentrated fruit and complexity. A stand out from Margaret River.

Freeman ‘Rondo’ Rosé NSW

Rondinella is a grape from Northern Italy, part of the classic blend that makes Valpolicella. In the NSW Hilltops lies Australia’s only plantings of Rondinella. Freeman Vineyards makes one of our favourite Rosés from this vineyard, dry and pale with bright fruit and a saline texture. Perfect for sipping in the hot sun or refreshment between breaks on dance floor.

Sorrenberg Gamay VIC

sorrenberg range

Potentially Australia’s best Gamay, this wine is super versatile. It’s a solid pairing with all sorts of food, but also great by itself. It will even stand up to a little chill so you can put it on the ice for a refreshing light red if the weather is scorching.

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