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Viognier Wine and Food Matching – Perfect Pairing

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Wines made from Viognier are typically rich and perfumed with a soft, oily palate. It’s one of those wines that works much better as a complement than a contrast. While there is a range of different styles from around the world, the common elements of most Viognier are soft acid, textured palate and striking apricot flavour.


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Viognier is a dream with creamy style cheeses like a Délice de Bourgogne or a triple cream Brie, but can also work nicely with more piquant cheeses. Gorgonzola is a good example, with a mix of creamy and sharp flavours. The round and fruity perfume aromas are a great pairing, no quince paste required!

Spicy Dishes

Try serving Viognier with your next curry or dhal dish. From Beef Rendang to Butter Chicken to Red Duck Curry, Viognier has the aromatic complexity and body to pair beautifully with spicy and savoury sauces. Beyond that, it will make a great companion to Pad Thai or a Moroccan Tagine, and will partner well with any dish featuring ginger.

Root Vegetables and Stonefruit

roast vegetables

Carrot, burdock, parsnip, turnip, potato, even beetroot – roasted and served with a glass of Condrieu is a healthy, hearty culinary success. You can toss your roasted vegetables through some dressed rocket and garnish with peach or nectarine for a delicious salad suited perfectly for the flavour and texture of Viognier.

Meat and Poultry

The fruit sweetness and texture of Viognier works well with lighter meats like pork or veal. In particular, meats cooked in creamy sauces with herbs and especially with dash of Viognier thrown in for good measure. Viognier can stand up to roast chicken or turkey. Just remember that it won’t have the acid or tannin of other wines, so it’s going to take any dish to the next level of richness rather than provide balance.

Read more about Viognier in Australia or try some other wine and food pairing with Pinot Gris/Grigio or Pinot Noir.

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