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Bass & Flinders Distillery Profile

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to dine at some of Melbourne’s famous eateries like Chin Chin or Meatball & Wine Bar, or indulge in a drink or two at the classic Gin Palace, you’ve likely run into a creation of Bass & Flinders Distillery. It remains to be the only distillery on the Mornington Peninsula and is certainly making waves in the spirits world.


Bass and Flinders Distillery tasting area

How It All Began: The Masterminds of Bass & Flinders Distillery

As most good things do, Bass & Flinders Distillery was birthed over a glass of champagne. Bob Laing had not long moved into a home on the Peninsula when his new neighbour, Wayne Klintworth, decided to be neighbourly and bring around some bubbly.

From there a friendship was born, and further down the track so was the idea to create what would turn out to be a landmark distillery.


Bob and Wayne: founders of Bass & Flinders Distillery

Drink & Be Merry: What Your Palate Can Prepare For

Sampling the masterpieces of Bass & Flinders Distillery is a true experience in itself, never mind the idyllic and peaceful setting you get to taste them in. Just a few of their many star performers include:

GIN: What do you get when you combine juniper berries, coriander, angelica, liquorice root and just a dash of lemon? The smooth and dry taste of Bass & Flinders’ Gin, of course. Serve with some tonic water and lime or cucumber, and you’ve got yourself heaven in a glass.

GIN 10: When the bottle reads “Wild & Spicy”, you know you’re in for a ride. This distinctive blend is made up using 10 botanicals, including juniper berries, cardamom, coriander, and grains of paradise.

MONSOON GIN: The favourite child of Bass & Flinders’ gin family, this one really hits you in the face – in a pleasant way, of course. Fresh coriander, lemongrass and ginger flavours sound like they should be complementing pork in an Asian fusion dish, but here they all are in your glass of Monsoon Gin ready to blow your mind.

GENEVER: The last of Bass & Flinders’ four gin varieties, Genever is their top of the shelf, limited edition, “I’ve been saving this for a special occasion” creation. It’s subtly sweet and florally while still maintaining that arid dryness, all in all delivering a taste that you’ll want to savour.

LIMONCELLO: Moving away from the gins, the Limoncello is definitely worth a mention. It’s the perfect after-meal indulgent, with its zesty lemon flavour livening up the palate no matter what you’ve just eaten.

CREMA DI LIMONCELLO: If your sweet tooth needs a little more to be satiated, the Crema Di Limoncello – Bass & Flinders’ “Lemon Baileys” – is sure to help. It’s made with a delicious grape spirit, and just enough lemon oil, vanilla extract and milk to create one perfectly creamy dessert drink.

SHEERWATER VODKAThis is vodka like no other – infused with grape and meticulously prepared by fermenting and distilling it four times. What you end up with is a smooth and sweet tasting spirit that’s sure to be a favourite in your collection.

GRAPPA: The Acqua Chiara Grappa is an example of grapes being used in their purest form. It’s created using Chardonnay grapes and is best suited as an after-meal treat, to accompany dark, bitter chocolate or coffee.

4 types of Gin, Vodka, 2 types of Limoncello and Grappa are on taste.

 A Little Something Extra: Bass & Flinders’ Gin Experience

The Gin Experience has become a renowned aspect of the Bass & Flinders Distillery. Gin lovers will be in heaven as they are guided through this spirit’s history, while of course sampling the award-winning creations made on location.

As if that’s not enough, you can bring your gin fantasies to life by creating your very own custom flavour. You’ll be able to try each distillery separately to get a feel for their individual tastes, including juniper, coriander, cardamon, angelica root, ginger, lime, raspberry and chilli. You can then navigate your way through the exciting world of inventing a unique flavour of gin.
Your finished product will then be bottled and delivered to you at a later date, so you can continue to remember your special Gin Experience well after the day is over.


Temperature gauge on one of the distillers (all images taken by Will Salter)

Less Talk, More Action: Arrange A Visit Today!

There are many ways for you to explore Bass & Flinders. Tours throughout the distillery can be arranged, allowing you to taste their amazing creations. You may also want to combine this tour with the Gin Experience. The options are endless, but no matter what you decide you can rely on Wine Compass to take care of all your transportation needs. Talk to us today about our Mornington Peninsula wine tours and how we can arrange for your day out to suit the way you want to experience the magic of Bass & Flinders.