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Green Olive: Great For The Whole Family


Address: 1180 Mornington-Flinders Rd, Main Ridge VIC 3928

Varieties: Sparkling, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Noir, Shiraz & Moscato

Green Olive gardens

Market Gardens, looking into the enclosed deck  (source: Green Olive Instagram)


Offering a little bit of everything from cooking classes to farm animals and everything in between. Although these guys produce wine we would definitely say one of biggest draw cards is their restaurant, serving tapas style dishes with produce largely sourced from their market garden and livestock. They are all about local seasonal food and this, combined with the lovely setting and kid friendly grounds are what keep the punters coming back.

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They have a selection of wines here which pari well with their food. They come in the classic selection from the Mornington Peninsula: Sparkling, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Noir, Shiraz & Moscato. They also have local beers, soft drinks and nice coffee.

Green Olive wines

Wines at Green Olive (source: Green Olive Instagram)


They have a menus described at “Tapas”, which basically means that everything is smaller and designed to be shared. As mentioned previously, much of the food is straight from the farm and is in sections such as “From the Paddock”, “From the Olive Grove” and “From the Kitchen Garden”.  They also have a nice selection of desserts.

Local produce @ Green Olive

Local produce @ Green Olive (source: Green Olive Instagram)


Set on a vineyard and olive grove, you drive down the hill to reach the main building. It’s definitely picturesque and the restaurant has nice views including a lovely courtyard which they can enclose in colder weather. It is also nice to sit amongst the kitchen garden and see the chefs pick herbs.

For the kids, there are animals to meet, a trampoline, a dam with ducks and ample space to run around, so it’s a good spot to bring the family. They’re also well known for their cooking courses and farm experiences.

Green Olive vines

The view out to the vines (source: Green Olive Instagram)

What we like

It is a bit of a foodie haven offering something for everyone. As one of the few places on the Peninsula geared up for families and younger kids it’s no surprise that its a popular weekend destination. Add to this the yummy food and farm like setting it’s hard to beat.

What we don’t like

For big eaters, it can be really expensive to eat here as the small plates do add up. On weekends and school holiday it can turn into more of a kids adventure playground too so if kids are not your thing you might choose to come back another time.

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