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Main Ridge Dairy: The Craftsmen of Goat’s Cheese


Address: 295 Main Creek Road, Main Ridge VIC 3928

Main Ridge Dairy goat

A goat at Main Ridge Dariy


If you’re looking for an authentic cheese experience, it doesn’t get much more real than Main Ridge Dairy. The team here invite you into their Dairy Door, to give you an insight into the process of making some of the finest fromage.

Walking onto the Main Ridge Dairy, you’ll be greeted by some incredibly friendly goats, which you’re welcome to pet. From there, their even friendlier staff (whom you are not welcome to pet) will give you an impressive rundown of their delicious cheeses, while, of course, you sample the property’s delicious wares.


The selection of cheeses here are always a broad spectrum of tantalising options. Main Ridge Dairy offers between 8-12 samples that cover soft and hard cheeses, as well as more mild tastes for those who don’t particularly fancy the distinct flavouring of goat’s cheese.

All in all, it’s a comprehensive selection that will hopefully have something for every cheese fan.

Main Ridge Dairy cheese tasting

Main Ridge Dairy cheese tasting


Although in the business of cheese, Main Ridge Dairy does not leave their visitors thirsty. During a tasting, they offer 4 or 5 local wines, beer and cider, all of which can be purchased to enjoy with your cheese – a match made in heaven.


Main Ridge Dairy is a property that has everything rolled into one; incredible farm space and a fantastic area in which guests can benefit from the team’s hard work. Even though you’re still just a stone’s throw away from Melbourne, the 130 acres of farmland (and over 200 friendly goats roaming around) certainly helps you feel as if you have been transported far away from Victoria’s capital.

Entrance to Main Ridge Dairy

Entrance to Main Ridge Dairy

What we like

We love high quality cheese, and we love Main Ridge Dairy’s generosity in supplying it even more. Through their tastings, they offer up a great selection that really helps you get a feel for the superb standards they work so hard to uphold.

What we don’t like

Goat’s cheese can have quite a specific flavour profile, and it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. So every once in a while we will get a guest who just isn’t into it.

Main Ridge Dairy tasting building

Main Ridge Dairy tasting building

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