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Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse: It Doesn’t Get Much Fresher


Address: 12 St Huberts Road, Coldstream VIC 3770

Varieties: Lager, Pale Ale, Apple Cider, Pear Cider


Wine doesn’t always steal the show on the Yarra Valley, and Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse proves that firsthand. Set amongst a picturesque orchard where they grow their own pears and apples, you can enjoy the deliciously fresh beer and ciders straight from their functioning brewery to your glass in either their restaurant or bar.

Setting a different tone to the rest of the wineries and cellar doors in the region, this is a popular option for winding down at the end of a Wine Compass tour, when you can take your time to just take it all in.


From their on-site brewery, Napoleone creates a selection of tasty beers that includes a refreshingly light lager and an American-influenced pale ale. But beyond their brews, it’s no secret that their ciders are really where this estate shines.

They’ve been growing and picking their own pears and apples for three generations, and you can taste the difference their premium fruit brings to the cider. In the bar you can sample a selection of brews through their tasting paddles, or you can treat yourself to a pot or a pint of the good stuff.

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Napoleone’s restaurant Meletos does a fantastic job complementing your cider and beer sampling, with a great selection of high quality food to feast on. It’s quite the feast, too, with a huge meal that includes charcuterie starters, delicious pizza, and shared mains of fish and meat dishes, which vary according to the season.

If you want to get the full experience at Napoleone, it’s well advised to bring a big appetite.


Beer, cider, and sunshine; they all go hand in hand. Which is why Napoleone’s open courtyard is basically heaven on earth. For days when Victoria’s weather is being it’s typical moody self though, there’s plenty of room in their bar and restaurant where you’re well protected from the elements. Plus these areas adjoin the brewery, so you can check out all the action.

What we like

Napoleone is basically everything you’d want from a brewery and ciderhouse; great drinks, relaxed, friendly pace, and the perfect atmosphere to just spend a few hours unwinding.

What we don’t like

The restaurant is reserved for dining customers, so if you’re after just a cold brew you’re restricted to the bar. That means it can get pretty busy, making it sometimes difficult to find your own space.

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