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Payten & Jones courtyard and winery shed

Courtyard and winery shed

Payten & Jones: The coolest cellar door in the Yarra Valley


Address: 3 Lilydale Rd Healesville, 3777

Varieties include: Chardonnay, Verdelho, Pinot Noir, Syrah/Shiraz, Sangiovese



This is such a cool and different cellar door. Walking up to the venue it isn’t on a vineyard as it in Healesville town, but as you make your way through the entrance and out the back you realise this is something really unique. Group tastings where possible are done in the actual winery and courtyard to the front of the winery. There are also some really cool murals from a Melbourne artist. The staff are young and friendly and the experience really has some edge.

Healesville is becoming the hotspot for producers including Giant Steps, Innocent Bystander, Watts River, Mac Forbes, Alchemy Distillers and Four Pillars which is right across the road.

Payten and Jones labels

Payten & Jones labels

Wines / Beverages

Also different, are the wines. These guys aren’t going with traditional Yarra Valley winemaking, their wines are minimal intervention, meaning less oak and often with a cloudy look in the glass. Some of these wines would be classed as “natural” yet all have a bit of edge to them and are far from your standard drop. It’s this we absolutely love. It’s also a nice touch that they have both their ‘more affordable’ wines as well as their premium wines on taste.

Varieties include Chardonnay, Verdelho, Pinot Noir, Syrah/Shiraz & Sangiovese and you get to try multiple versions of each. The Verdelho was superb although may not be for everyone as it is a very unique, great to pair with food, however it was the Pinots for us that were a favourite, each subtly different all equally delicious. It would be unfair however not to mention the Sangiovese made by blending past vintages with the latest vintage another great drop.

It’s a very good spot to kick back and enjoy some drinks too, with a nice courtyard serving vinos, local beers and cocktails made with local spirits (they are good mates with Four Pillars across the road) and for those feeling peckish there is often a food truck or two that stops by on weekends.

Tasting in the Payten & Jones winery

Tasting in the Payten & Jones winery

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It’s not set on a vineyard, but it is a working winery right in the heart of Healesville. There is a cellar door upfront, then a cool courtyard and winery shed. It’s a really cool spot that is quite different from a lot of standard wineries. Think of Melbourne’s inner North set in Healesville making wines and you might get a better picture. We love different places and contrasts so this is one of our favourite spots to take groups (and to visit ourselves).

Entrance to the Payten & Jones cellar door

Entrance to the cellar door

What we like

It’s a new favourite and a cellar door we are so glad to have discovered. As you have gathered, it’s different, it’s friendly, the wines are delicious, at good prices, and it’s just cool. Highly recommend a visit here, especially if you are planning a trip out to Four Pillars already (it’s literally across the road).

What we don’t like

If you are wanting sweeping vineyard views for your insta posts then we will need to get this dose somewhere else. As we said above, we don’t think this matters at all as the experience is so good and we do love contrasts, so think it fits perfectly into most itineraries.

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