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Yileena Park: Make Yourself At Home


Address: 271 Steels Creek Road, Yarra Glen, VIC, 3775

Varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bortytis Semillon, Aged Topaque

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Husband and wife duo Bob and Dianne Curtis welcome visitors into their cellar door like they’re welcoming family. Yileena Park has been purposefully created as an intimate and cosy affair – often likened to stepping into a friend’s living room – complete with big comfortable chairs and a warm atmosphere to enjoy while you sample their selection of boutique wines.

The estate also boasts sweeping views over the picturesque Steels Creek landscape and the vineyard, best enjoyed on their deck when the weather allows. Bob and Dianne are very accommodating and passionate owners, and, if available, are always happy to offer a fascinating insight into their winery.

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With the exception of their Chardonnay, Yileena Park mainly focuses on their reds. Keeping in line with their love for the traditional, they age all of their reds for a minimum of 4 years before release them on the cellar door. For their reserve range it’s a minimum of 6 years, while their Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is usually aged for 8 years before going on tasting

This makes a huge difference, and isn’t necessarily something you’ll see with many of the more ‘modern’ estates on the Yarra Valley. But, their patient process is certainly worthwhile, a point proven when you sample their wines.


Yileena Park has managed to find a very unique (and tasty!) use for their old oak barrels – smoking foodstuffs. Their delicious smoked treats include cheese, nuts, olive oils, and more, all of which make for the perfect accompaniment to the wines you’re savouring.

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The Yileena Park estate is set on the side of a steep hill, designed in such a way that the ground floor is practically underground and keeps their prized wine cool in the cellar. This vantage point also provides a truly stunning view, looking out over their vineyard and beyond.

What we like

The singular quality of Yileena Park speaks for itself, as does the warm and inviting atmosphere of the entire cellar door experience. The friendly and relaxed vibes makes it feel as though you’re visiting an old friend … if that friend happened to have premium aged wines and oak barrel-smoked foods on hand.

What we don’t like  

It’s pretty impossible to find something to not like about Yileena Park.

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