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Yarra Valley Dairy: Say Cheese!


Address: 70-80 McMeikans Road, Yering VIC 3770


Yarra Valley Dairy is, quite simply, a cheese-lover’s dream. This bustling nook has become a staple part of the Yarra Valley experience, and a welcome respite between wine tastings (although the red and white is flowing here, too, as they stock a number of wines from small local wineries to try).

The small space is usually full of people trying to taste Yarra Valley Dairy’s famous cheeses, and with a little bit of patience (or planning ahead with a booking) you too will understand what all the fuss is about.


It’s all about the cheese at the Yarra Valley Dairy, obviously. And they have quite the selection.

The team here specialise in soft cheeses, made from both cow’s and goat’s milk. Through a booking you can enjoy a cheeseboard that samples a bit of everything, including their marinated, fresh, and matured cheeses. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the full Yarra Valley Dairy experience.


Set on their large working farm (which can present a few interesting aromas when you’re walking from the car park), Yarra Valley Dairy is quite a folksy establishment with a homely feel. Although it can make for a more intimate affair when you’re shoulder to shoulder with the hoards of other cheese-lovers, there’s something about that farm-like charm.

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What we like

Make no mistake; Yarra Valley Dairy produces some incredible tasting cheeses. There’s a reason why they’re on a ‘must visit’ for visitors to the region. Another great thing about them that often is overlooked (but never by us) is their availability of wines. They focus on small wineries that don’t have their own cellar doors, making for a unique experience and a perfect pairing to your cheese sampling.

What we don’t like

As mentioned, Yarra Valley Dairy tends to get a bit busy. With limited space available, that can become a bit of a headache.

It also means the team can’t always provide an in-depth service for you during your sampling, so it tends to be quite a short affair where they simply tell you what each cheese is, give you a sample, and then move on to the next person waiting.

They’ve recently also changed their tour group policy and no longer allow any group bookings on weekends.

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