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Mornington Peninsula & Yarra Valley Field Blends

What’s a field blend I hear you ask? A field blend is when more than one grape variety is planted in the same vineyard to make one unique wine. A strange concept when you think of modern winemaking techniques. This method of creating a blend is an old one that isn’t used much anymore, and was once seen as an inexpensive way to blend wine.

The grapes are grown and most often harvested together, some producers opting to pick each variety at different times depending on ripening. They are then vinified together to produce one wine, with the spirit and characteristics of many varieties.

Can any varieties be used in a field blend?

Most producers chose to plant varieties that will complement the character of another or gain complexity from the other. Some field blends will even be a mixture of red and white varieties. There are no rules and this is why the concept is a fun one.

So where can you find a field blend today?

We did a little digging to find who in the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula is experimenting with this method of blending today, and while a few are claiming to be true field blends, after a little investigating we found the grapes were often from different vineyards, and even fermented separately.


The real deal…

Quealy Pobblebonk 2015

No strangers to diversity, Kathleen Quealy leads the charge yet again with this amazingly harmonious field blend of Pinot Grigio, Friulano, Chardonnay, Riesling and Moscato Giallo. The bright acidity of the Pinot Grigio up against the more robust acidity of the Chardonnay, is balanced by the texture and depth of the Friulano. Add to this the aromatic sensations of Moscato Giallo and Riesling, and you’ll wonder why you ever drank these varieties separately.


Maddens Rise 2015 Arcobaleno

A wine with an Italian name, made with for the most part, Italian varieties. So what’s in it? 29% Vermentino, 21% Arneis, 19% Garganega, 11% Fiano and 21% Chenin Blanc. Arcobaleno means ‘rainbow’ in Italian, and this wine really paints with each colour of the rainbow to create a unique and complex depth of flavour that is fresh and uplifting on the palate, with notes of tropical fruits and fresh daisies. Belissimo.


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