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Vinea Marson – Legends in the wine world


Address: 411 Rochester Rd, Heathcote VIC 3523

Varieties: Prosecco, Viognier, Friulano, Pinot Bianco, Rose, Pinot Noir, Shiraz Viognier, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Barbara


This little gem will get you feeling warm and tingly inside. There is nothing more charming than an intimate family run winery where you see passion and history at every turn.

Mario Marson is considered a legend in the wine game working a 15 year stretch as winemaker for renowned Mount Mary in Yarra Valley. With a dream to one day set up his own vineyard the family made the move to Heathcote in 2000 where they planted the first of their vines.

Tastings are conducted around a long table in their small intimate tasting room and are engaging and informative in all the right ways. The extensive list of wines truly shine. You will be taken through their selection starting with a Prosecco, moving onto whites, a Rosè and then reds you will be blown away one by one. To compliment the wines a selection of antipasti which include cured meats and Italian cheeses will be served alongside the tasting.

When you combine the amazing service with exceptional wines you will be left with a memorable experience that makes for a perfect stop.


The wines here a first class and some of our favourites of the region. The wines are broken into three styles. Estate wines; represented by a little vineyard on the labels which are the wines produced with Heathcote grown fruit. The standout for us been the deliciously drinkable Sangiovese and the Shiraz Viognier blend which is just delightful, medium bodied and approachable.  The Heritage wines; represented by the Fleur de lis labels are wines produced with fruit grown in the Alpine Valley are are traditional Italian styles. We loved the Prosecco made in the méthode traditionelle, the secret ingredient – a splash of Pinot bianco which provides the wine with complexity and palate weight. The last of the three is the Winemaker series; with fruit from the Yarra Valley where Mario worked for many years. Everything we tasted was exceptional and a credit to Mario’s winemaking skills.


Heading up the entrance you wouldn’t think much. As you arrive at the small and unassuming shed you will see it’s not flashy and it’s not pretty but we guarantee you will be greeted with a warm smile from a member of the family or perhaps friendly pooch Maggie. Heading inside the cellar door you will find a intimate and very pretty little tasting room scattered with flowers and a long table that reminds you of a big Italian family where guests can sit down and be guided through their tasting.

What we like

A passionate and friendly family producing premium wines without the expensive price tag or wine snobbery you sometimes find when meeting legends in the game.

What we don’t like

This amazing cellar door is fairly small so could prove to be a bit tight for larger groups, but with enough notice we may be able to shuffle some things around to make room for everyone if we’re lucky.

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