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Six Reasons to visit the Swan Valley!

Ahh Western Australia.. This magnificent and remote state is home to a diverse range of incredible wine regions – roughly 20 in fact, which spread from the Swan Valley all the way down to West Australia’s South East Coast.

WA’s Margaret River wine region has been hailed world-wide for its premium Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux style wines as well as it’s exquisite Chardonnay. Whilst the Great Southern region is creeping up the popularity list for their fine wines that radiate finesse and perfection.

But, let us take a step back here and not over overlook the one and only Swan Valley wine region. This little region should be on your radar for the next time you visit Perth and I’m here to tell you why!

1. It’s WA’s Most Historic Wine Region

The Swan Valley wine region has an incredible history! The regions first vines were planted in 1829 when the first settlement in Guildford took place, shortly after the Hunter Valley all began. This makes it Australia’s second oldest wine region.

Although there was a good amount of wine making throughout the later 1800’s and early 1900’s, the region really got a name for itself when migrants from mainly Croatia and Italy settled in the area after World War I and II. Still to this day, many of the wineries and vineyards are owned by those same families as they are passed on from generation to generation. We just LOVE the rich family history you’ll find!

And, with older regions, comes older vines – although older vines produce a much lower yield than younger vines, there is so many qualities that older vines possess which make for incredible wines to drink. Some of which include more concentrated flavours, they are more self-sufficient when it comes to caretaking, the grapes ripen more evenly and also produce more structured wines. Also, the roots go further into the ground therefore picking up more nutrients from the Earth – this means there is not as much vintage variation and are more tolerant to draughts and floods. WOOHOO! 

2. The Swan Valley Is SO Close

It certainly is! You could even say its stone’s throw away from the Perth CBD.. no kid! It will take you a mere 25 mins by car to get to this great little region (just under 20 mins if you don’t catch any red lights!). HELLO DAY TRIP! You can spend the whole day out in the Swan Valley and not have that daunting feeling about the long drive back at the end.. because there isn’t one!

It also means that catching an uber or taxi is cheaper (we recommend a desi driver) and public transport is more accessible. More importantly, when you book onto a fabulous wine tour with d’Vine Tours – you’ll have less bus time and more play time at the venues. Winning.

3. Hellooo Delicious Vino

It’s safe to say that majority of people visit a wine region to well.. try the wine right?! And does the Swan Valley have good wines..? YES! The region has outstanding wines!

The region is one of the warmest wine regions in Australia, so the wines tend to be more fruit forward – making them very palatable. There is always a wine for everyone in the Swan! The whites are vibrant, with a huge focus on Verdelho and Chenin Blanc varieties. The reds are luscious and juicy with the most common found to be Shiraz and Grenache. And wait until you try the Sparkling wines (OMG).

The region also has many award-winning wines and wineries when competing with other regions in WA as well as Australia. You’ll need to come and try for yourself so you can see what I mean!

4. Port Lovers Rejoice!

Oh Port, how you warm our soul. Where can you find a fortified that rivals those found in Porto? The Swan Valley of course! The region has an ideal climate for making port-style wine as well as other sticky & dessert wines and they’ve been doing it for a long time considering they are such an old region. Some of the wineries have a solera system that dates back over four generations! If you are a lover of this sweet and decadent delight, then the Swan Valley is the perfect place for you.

5. Not So Big On Wine? Do Not Fear! We Have You Covered..

If wine is not your cup of tea, you still need to have the Swan Valley on your hit-list as a must-do in Perth. There are over 150 venues throughout this abundant region, and all very close together so it’s easy to map out your day or be taken on an organised tour that includes a bit of everything.

You can do a beer tour with 8 craft breweries to see and a cider house. There are three distilleries – two of which are globally recognised with their award-winning spirits. There are two decadent chocolate factories, including the renowned Margaret River Chocolate Co (See.. no need to go to Margs). There are numerous fine food producers including honey houses, nougat and nut factories, macaron patisseries, olive and olive oil makers, home-made ice-cream shops and much more.

If you’re up for a bit of non-food and alcohol related fun, then there’s plenty of live music and concerts to enjoy on the weekends. There’s also Supa Golf and Mini Golf, Wildlife Parks, Paint Balling, Art and Sculpture Galleries, Canoeing & Bike Riding trails, just to name a few.

6. Foodie Lover’s Paradise

With so many of us claiming we’re ‘foodies’ these days, you would want to include mouth-watering food in any itinerary right? You can find absolutely everything to satisfy your soul when it comes to food in the Swan Valley.

From fine-dining through to gourmet wood-fired pizza’s and winery grazing platters, the region is bursting with quality goods to use, with many of the establishments focusing on only using locally sourced and seasonal produce.

Aside from all the outstanding restaurants, cafes, chocolate factories and other delicious producers you’ll find.. What is the one thing that goes hand in hand with a glass of vino? CHEESE OF COURSE! There are EPIC cheese boards to be had in the region, with our favourites found at The Cheese Barrel – A heaven for all those cheese lovers out there. Glorious cheese sourced from WA and all around the world, right at your fingertips.. YUM!


So, there you have it, a little list of some of the reasons to visit the humble Swan Valley Wine Region. There are certainly more reasons to go (including the fact Perth has pretty awesome weather) so you’ll just have to visit and see for yourself. The best way to see the perfect snapshot in day is on one of Perth’s premium wine tours by d’Vine Wine Tours – tours run almost every day of the week! #getonboardwithdvine

Breana Lawrie – Managing Director – D’Vine Tours


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