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Top 5 Victorian Rieslings Under $35 

Germany and the Alsace region are known as Riesling capitals of the world, producing (as we’ve learned)  dry, semi-sweet and sweet styles of the varietal.

With such versatility, Riesling adapts well to a range of climates and terroirs. Down under, South Australia has made a name for itself in producing this varietal, with Clare Valley and Eden Valley boasting some of the best New World takes on classic expressions of Riesling. However, I have become quite fond of the Rieslings coming out of Victoria, where cooler climates and unique approaches to winemaking have led to some really lovely, refreshing bottles.

Here are my top 5 Victoria Rieslings, all under $35.

Note – some of the pictured bottles are older vintages or other varietals from the below producers; some wineries do not have updated imagery on their sites since the vintages are so new! Nonetheless, here are the producers’ labels so you know who to look for.


  1. 2017 Lyons Will Estate Riesling ($33)

Picked from young vines only last autumn, this new Riesling from Lyons Will Estate is quite unique – as young fruit can hold rather intense aromas, the wine hits the nose as almost sweet, but is in fact dry. The Macedon Ranges winemakers only made a small batch of the stuff, so try and get your hands on it before it goes.

  1. The Story 2016 Whitlands Riesling ($29)

Most of The Story Wines come from Grampians and Henty sites, but Riesling is better suited to their vineyard in Whitlands, King Valley, which is cooler and more elevated. The grapes are whole-bunch pressed, resulting in a wine that is clear, clean and dry, yet still textured and floral.

  1. Best’s 2017 Riesling ($25)

Per usual, the wines from Best’s do not disappoint. This 2017 vintage is fresh and young, but boasts complex fruit and aromas – this is a wine that, along with most of Best’s Rieslings, can cellar for some time, up to a couple of decades. A real steal at $25/bottle.

  1. 2016 Hochkirch Riesling ($35)

Buzz words like “organic” and “biodynamic” can sometimes be used to cover up poor winemaking practices, but this Hochkirch Riesling from Henty sure holds its own. The conditions of the vineyard at the base of the Grampians accommodate more natural winemaking processes. The result is an acidic, dry Riesling with minerality, citrus and pear. A well-balanced and impressive wine.

  1. 2017 Clonakilla Riesling ($32)

Clonakilla is one of my favourite producers, so I was sure to grab hold of their latest Riesling as soon as it was released. 2017 was a wet vintage in the Canberra wine region, followed by a dry summer. The outcome? A bountiful crop, and in turn a clean, dry wine with just the right amount of weight, citrus and florals – another gem.

There are many more beautiful Rieslings coming out of Victoria, such as those from Crawford River, but they can cost a bit more. If you’re looking for something really nice but still accessible, and want to discover the various styles produced in the state, put the above wines on your shopping list.

If you’re curious to learn more about Victorian wines, you might want to read our Top 5 Chardonnay list or check out our favourite Victorian Shiraz.

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