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Top 5 Yarra Valley Pinot Noirs under $30

Over time, the Yarra Valley has established itself as one of the premium Pinot Noir growing regions of Australia. A notoriously difficult variety to grow well, the cool to moderate climate of the region allows the fruit to develop full flavoured and ripe character over a reasonably long growing season. The resulting wines are varied expressions, from the very subtle and aromatic, to the solid and sturdy bodied.


Although Pinot may be difficult to grow, it’s incredibly easy to love, and easy to pair with a wide variety of foods given the very different styles that are now being produced in the Yarra Valley. Best of all, there are some very reasonably priced Pinot’s that provide excellent value for money. Here’s our list of the Top 5 Yarra Valley Pinot Noirs under $30…


1. Giant Steps  Yarra Valley Pinot Noir


  • An entry level Pinot Noir from the highly regarded winemakers at Giant Steps, impress your friends as this is one of the cooler wineries of the region.
  • Don’t let the price deceive you though, this a stunner for this range level and style.
  • A fruit forward style, with some nice savoury flavours, would be nice with some classic dishes like duck or mushrooms.
  • Made with 40% whole bunches, entirely hand-picked, minimal intervention which saw mostly old oak, with 10% new
  • Ruby red in colour, floral notes of rose and some dark cherry on the nose, with a fresh fruity and savoury palate.
  • It was a great year in the Valley and this wine is an excellent representation of it. Pick-up a bottle here or check out this amazing range of 23 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir’s (including this one)


2. Helen & Joey Gruyere Hill Pinot Noir

  • Great winery on the Valley floor with gorgeous views and nice lunches.
  • This wine is the most powerful Pinot in the list and
  • May be great for people looking to transition to Pinot Noir after being Shiraz or Cab drinkers, this one is not “insipid” as some people on tours describe Pinot (we prefer delicate).
  • Lots of darck cherry, strawberry, spice and cedar and more tannins that usual.
  • Would stand up to red meats more than most Pinot Noir’s. Grab a bottle here or check out some more great under $3o options here (including this one)



3. Yering Station Village Pinot Noir


  • A larger, more well known producer that maintains a focus on quality (rather than making heaps of poor wine).
  • This is above entry level and so, so good.  Crazy value for money for the quality
  • A good wine if you aren’t into the more savoury or earthy styles, more bright and juicy.
  • This one would go well with the classic pairings, but also with some like Salmon or Tuna.
  • Could also cellar this one until 2025 for even better drinking. Pick-up a bottle here or check out this amazing range of 23 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir’s (including this one)


4. DCB Wines Pinot Noir Yarra Valley


  • DCB wines is a really small producer in the Upper Yarra, which is less well known, a lot cooler and produces some stunning wines.
  • This is one of our favourite small producers and we highly recommend trying out this one which is their entry level.
  • This is a pure and simple wine that is a great expression of what the Upper Yarra Valley can do.
  • Try this if you are interested in top quality small producers (as well as great Pinot Noir at reasonable prices). Grab a bottle here or have a look at most respected wine sellers Langton’s more premium selection (including this one)


5. Medhurst Pinot Noir Yarra Valley

  • Medhurst is one of our favourite wineries to visit, it is nice and small with great views and food and of course a delicious range of wines. Highly recommended.
  • Red cherries, 5 spice and florals, this more of a softer example of Pinot (as opposed to the Helen & Joey).
  • Drink with beef Bourguignon, bacon stuffed mushrooms, and Brie cheese. Grab a case here at an amazing price they also have over 30 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir’s to explore (including this one)




Love your Pinot but not sure what to pair it with? Check out our Five Great Food Pairings for Pinot Noir That Might Surprise You


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