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Top Five Lunch Spots in the Mornington Peninsula

Earlier this year we chose our favourite Yarra Valley lunch stops. By popular demand, here’s a list of our favourite places to eat in the Mornington Peninsula.

Merrick’s Creek

Merricks Creek takes the casual dining experience and turns it into something spectacular. They offer a great range of sharing plates to tuck into, using only high quality and fresh ingredients that really make difference to your palate. Guests dine in a charming and relaxed open space overlooking the vineyard that supplies all their grapes. The plates range from top quality charcuterie and cheeses, to perfectly cooked sirloin and hot, cheesy ‘crispy thins’, with delicious sweet dishes to finish off your meal.

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Epicurean at Red Hill

The Red Hill shopping village is full of great little surprises, but the vast majority of visitors come here for the Epicurean experience. Their large, converted industrial space prominently features a wood fired oven that they centre their Italian-styled menu around. Highlights include assorted antipasti, excellent Roma style pizza, delicious polenta chips, and a range of larger pasta and meat dishes for mains.

Montalto Piazza

The fine dining experience of Montalto’s main restaurant is truly excellent, however its reputation overshadows somewhat the quality of their Piazza offering. With a more casual sharing-based menu and a wonderful setting, somewhere between courtyard dining and a picnic in the garden. The same kitchen uses their garden and other local produce to create a fantastic varied menu. Featuring unique antipasto dishes, salads and pizzas, plus seasonal mains, such as duck leg, snapper, slow cooked lamb, or any other number of delicious delicacies.

Port Phillip Estate Dining Room

Port Phillip Estate offers some of the finest Mornington Peninsula wines and their lunchtime dining experience is equal in quality. The dining room’s enormous windows offer you a gateway directly into this charming region, with breathtaking views that might quiet the lunchtime chatter. The modernist, European influenced menu is designed to showcase the Kooyong and Port Phillip wines that grace their list, including older and library vintages.

Ten Minutes By Tractor

This winery houses the Peninsula’s most celebrated restaurant, with 2 chefs hats to prove it. Fresh regional produce drives the menu, with classic coursed dinners incorporating Asian and European traditions, as well as (of course) some stellar wine matching. Ten Minutes by Tractor offers the best of what modern Australian dining is all about – a polished experience, but in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

If you would like to have lunch at one of these places, contact us to book a tour or check out more stops in the Mornington Peninsula.

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