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Wines for Christmas – Perfect Matching

Here’s our handy guide for covering your bases on Christmas day with wines on hand matching every dish to keep everyone happy.

Something sparkling

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some bubbles! A bottle of Champagne is a great way to kick of Christmas lunch. For something a bit more wallet-friendly, opt for a dry Prosecco or an Aussie sparkling. If you’re bringing something for the party host, a bottle of Tasmania’s House of Arras can’t be beat. Whatever you choose, pop a bottle when the first of the oysters come out.  

White wine

You’ll want to have a couple of whites on deck for Christmas. Something zesty and fresh like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris, which will do well with prawns and seafood. For those who want to drink white through the rest of the day, a full-bodied, buttery Chardonnay is the way to go for main courses.


A good rosé is an easy option for a hot Christmas celebration. Sparkling rosés can also be fun, and are a great match for prawns and other shellfish. I’m partial to rosé from Provence, but there are great, affordable bottles from all over – just look for those that are more apricot and less dark pink in colour.

Red wine

Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean red wine doesn’t have its place at the Christmas table – something light to medium bodied, like a Yarra Valley Pinot Noir or a Beaujolais will work well with a range of dishes, from seafood and veggies to turkey. If it’s really hot, Pinot and Beaujolais can stand a little bit of chill to be that extra bit refreshing. If you’re serving something richer, like ham or roast lamb, pull out the Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Something sweet

Even if you’re not normally a sticky person, Christmas is the time to enjoy a sweet wine. Pudding, trifle and pavlova become something even extra special when served with a glass of Sauternes or late-harvest Riesling.

Whatever wines you choose, may they aid you in spending hours around the table with your family. Merry Christmas!

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