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Yarra Valley Wine Pairing – Perfect Matching

What Grows Together – Goes Together, in the Yarra Valley


Looking for the perfect food pairing to go with your wine haul after a tour of the Yarra Valley? We’ve got you covered. With an abundance of fabulous local produce readily available in the Valley, what better way to support local producers, and your appetite, than with a Yarra Valley themed wine and food pairing!


Source: Payten & Jones website, Yarra Valley Dairy website

Payten & Jones 2016 Valley Vignerons Sangiovese – drink with Yarra Valley Dairy Black Savourine

With notes of raspberries and juniper, this easy drinking drop is a perfect matching with this semi-matured, full flavoured, ashed white mould goats cheese from Yarra Valley Dairy.  Figs are currently in season, so why not stuff them with this delicious nutty cheese, wrap some thinly sliced prosciutto around it and call it a day…yum!



Source: Soumah of Yarra Valley website, Unforgettable Products Yarra Valley website

Soumah 2017 Brachetto Tranquillo – drink with Meringues, fresh strawberries and Yarra Valley Strawberry Jam

How’s this for a sweet treat? A rare variety to be grown outside of Italy, Soumah’s Brachetto is fruitfully sweet without being cloying. A still dessert wine that pairs deliciously with crushed meringues, fresh Wandin grown strawberries from Kookaberry Strawberry Farm and a generous dollop of Cunliffe & Waters Yarra Valley Strawberry Jam.  I think we just created a new dessert…Yarra Valley Mess anyone?



Source: Dominique Portet website, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery website

Dominique Portet 2015 Cabernet Sauvgnon – drink with Yarra Valley Chocolaterie Gourmet Collection Sesame & Poppy Crunch Dark Chocolate

We all know dark chocolate and full bodied red wines are a perfect match, but we’ve just taken it to the next level with this pairing. Rich black fruit with a slight savoury flirtation on the palate, this Dominique Portet Cab Sauv matched with caramelised sesame and poppy seed toffee pieces and sun-dried fruit encased in a smouldering dark chocolate…we won’t judge if you finish the whole block…or the whole bottle.



Source: Maddens Rise website, Yarra Valley Harvest website

Maddens Rise 2013 Nebbiolo – drink with Yarra Valley wild boar ragu and polenta

With winter just around the corner, this pairing offers the ultimate in comfort food indulgence. Woody spices and red current on the palate, this Nebbiolo carries a bit of weight in the mid-palate with well-balanced acidity and tannin. So it only makes sense to match this popular northern Italian variety with a classic northern Italian dish that has big enough flavours to latch onto those beautifully integrated tannins. Slow cooked game meat bathed in rich tomatoey goodness. An Italian dream made a reality, in the Yarra Valley.


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