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Blue Range Estate: Best Views On The Peninsula


Address: 155 Gardens Road, Rosebud, VIC 3939

Varieties: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio


The Melone family have one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets – for now. Cosi, Jo, and their four children have owned and operated Blue Range Estate since 1991, and although it’s not one of the more famous offerings of the Mornington Peninsula, it should and probably will be.

Blue Range Estate is undoubtedly one of the best places to unwind in the region – not just because of the affordable price points of their high-quality wine, or the relaxed atmosphere promoted here, but because of the stunning views. Forget trekking to Arthur’s Seat with every tourist and their dog; we daresay their sweeping view over Port Phillip Bay is even better (not to mention they have food and wine!)

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Blue Range Estate boasts some solid vintages that really do hold their own against the steep competition of the Peninsula, but do so with more approachable prices. They’ve built up quite a range over the past 2 decades, but really it’s their sparkling, pinot noir, and shiraz varieties that stand out to us.

They keep back vintages on reserve especially for tastings, which adds significantly to the overall experience.


As long as the weather is up to scratch, you can take in the view while enjoying something off Blue Range’s menu of tasting plates and sharing boards. Unfortunately, for the time being they don’t have a back-up indoor setting for when the weather doesn’t co-operate, but Wine Compass looks forward to potentially adding this estate as an optional lunch stop once they do.


As already mentioned, the views here are one-in-a-million. We’d go so far as to say the best views out of any other winery on the Mornington Peninsula, in fact. It’s hard to be in a bad mood sitting out on their huge deck and looking down over the picturesque Port Phillip Bay.

What we like

It’s obvious we’re big fans of the view, but more than that, we love the relaxed focus that this family-run estate has. The fantastic value of their wines certainly doesn’t go astray, either.

What we don’t like

One area of lack for Blue Range currently is the level of detail they go into with their tastings. It’s definitely on their radar and something they’re striving to improve.

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