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Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove: Peninsula Royalty 


Address: 33 Shoreham Road, Red Hill South VIC 3937

Varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Tempranillo, Sparkling



It’s pretty much impossible to appease everyone when it comes to wineries, but Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove comes pretty close. This incredibly popular estate really does have something for everyone – from Ferrari enthusiasts to families, young to old, gourmet gastronomists to, of course, wine lovers.

How you choose to spend your time here feels just as extensive too, which is why it’s so easy to wile away the hours. Sip coffee in the garden, try out their many wine varieties in their cellar door experience, indulge in a meal, lay out on the lawn or simply take a stroll through their sculpture garden; whatever you choose to do, Montalto promises quite the experience.

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Montalto’s all-inclusive approach extends to their label as well, evidenced by the many varieties in their cellar door. They really hit the nail on the head with the a-typical Mornington Peninsula famous trifecta, producing several great Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris/Grigio numbers.

Beyond that, their white aromatics (Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling) are worth trying, and their sparkling Cuvee One made from their own Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, finishing the classic blend with some Pinot Meunier, is a superb classic.

Montalto is also one of the few estates on the Mornington Peninsula to make a Tempranillo, a rich and plummy wine made in the traditional Spanish style.

Amazing seasonal pumpkin dish, straight from the garden


If you’ve got the time (and the appetite) for a full fine-dining experience, Montalto can offer that in spades. Their restaurant offers up a spectacular three-course option that covers an entrée, main, and dessert, with an impeccable level of service to accompany the food.

Of course, this isn’t always practical, particularly on wine tours, which is where their piazza option comes in handy. With Wine Compass, you can have access to an incredible piazza sharing menu: unique antipasto dishes, salads and pizzas, plus a choice of main from their ever-changing but always-delicious menu, which could be duck breast, snapper, slow cooked lamb, or any other number of delicious delicacies.



Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove is a sprawling estate that is conveniently set on the often-treaded track of Mornington Peninsula’s wineries route, next to the famous Tuck’s Ridge. It combines a large, modern and open restaurant that looks out over a stunning lawn, vines, and a garden of sculptures, all of which you are free to enjoy walking through at your leisure.

There’s also the piazza garden for casual dining, cellar door and olive oil tasting area, all recent (and very welcome) additions to the beautiful estate.

What we like

This is a quintessential Mornington Peninsula stop: great food, great wine, and great vibes. Montalto is really up there as one of the best in the region, and it’s somewhere you can rely on for a consistently exceptional visit.

What we don’t like

As a popular spot, you do need to be wary of the crowds. This doesn’t mean it’s a place we ever try to avoid; it just means that we need to be extra vigilant with our organisation when including Montalto in our tours. But we love visiting this estate so much (as do our guests) that it’s something we’re always happy to do.


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