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Morning Sun Vineyard: Bringing Italy To You

Cracking view from Morning Sun outdoor deck


Address: 337 Main Creek Road, Main Ridge, VIC, 3928

Varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Rose, Sparkling, Liquer


At the ripe age of 70, now 92-year-old Italian Mario Toniolo stumbled upon an abandoned apple orchard and got busy creating a vineyard-homage to the little village of Mason in which he grew up. These days, understandably, he is not lover involved in the day-to-day operation of Morning Sun Vineyard, but they still retain that authentic Italian charm that Mario invested into this Mornington Peninsula gem.

What you’ll find at Morning Sun Vineyard is a relaxed, fun atmosphere set amongst beautiful vineyards and olive trees, with delicious European-style wines to try. It’s a truly magical setting that’s only heightened by the friendly team, who will have you kicking back and enjoying a laugh in no time.

Morning Sun vineyard and accommodation


Morning Sun Vineyard currently boasts a lovely selection of Mornington Peninsula wines. Their pinot noir and sparkling varieties are always crowd favourites and if you are lucky enough to try the Rose, don’t hesitate to snap it up as it always sells out it’s so delicious.

They also have a nice selection of whites in including a pinot grigio and chardonnay.


Fitting in perfectly with the friendly and open spirit of the vineyard, Morning Sun offers a selection of antipasto and charcuterie selections that are perfect for sharing, with a wood-fired oven producing some of the best pizzas on the Peninsula. Naturally, their food is all made in an authentic Italian way, further transporting you far away from your Victorian location.

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It’s hard to imagine 70-year-old Mario hand-planting the olive trees and vineyards that stand today at Morning Sun, but it’s easy to appreciate the beauty that has come from this man’s hard work some 26 years ago. The stunning setting is best enjoyed while eating lunch in their outdoor area, or from within their beautiful, Italian-style building if the weather isn’t behaving. More recently they have set up the underground tasting room which is a perfect escape for bigger groups. You get plenty of privacy and freedom to make as little or as much noise as you like without the watchful eyes of other cellar door guests.

What we like

The overall charm of Morning Sun is hard to beat, particularly thanks to the fun and relaxed atmosphere that is promoted by the team. Add to that the delicious Rose, Italian food and breathtaking setting, and you’ve got yourself one brilliant vineyard experience. It’s also great for some of our bigger groups so we think it rally is an allrounder.

What we don’t like

There isn’t much not to like, but perhaps one small criticism is the level of knowledge sometimes provided on the wines. Although personally when you add this into the mix with some other stops that offer a more in depth tastings a friendly chat is what guests can prefer.

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