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Polperro: One of Our Personal Favourites


Address: 148/150 Red Hill Rd, Red Hill Vic 3937

Vineyard: Vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula in Shoreham and Arthurs Seat. NSW vineyards in Tumbarumba, Canberra District, Orange

Varieties: Mornington includes: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir. NSW includes Riesling, Chardonnay, Syrah

Philosophy: A considered approach celebrating individual vineyard character using a mix of traditional and modern practices that ensure minimal intervention and sustainability.


Being able to visit and try out a lot of different wineries is one of the major perks of my job. When asked the question of “What is my favourite winery?” comes up, the answer changes with whatever phase I am going through or even my mood. Since I started coming here, Polperro has consistently been my go to answer. I have brought dozens of groups here as well recommending it to friends and taking my family here on Cup Weekend.


Here they run 2 labels. With Sam Coverdale, the owner and wine maker originally producing around Canberra and New South Wales, he still leverages some of his old relationships to create the Even Keel Range.

Even Keel has a variety of wines from around Australia including Canberra, Tumbarumba and Mornington Peninsula, all produced by Sam on the Mornington Peninsula. Personal favourite wine from this range is the excellent cool climate Syrah.

Polperro is the premium label producing only single vineyard wines from the Mornington Peninsula. There is some really great stuff here which  is sometimes available on the cellar door, but always available in the restaurant or for sitting on the deck. Amazing Pinot Gris, great Chardonnay and 2 excellent Pinots are top of our list.


For us this is just top-shelf. One of the first things mentioned to me when I visited was something like “We aren’t trying to be Ten Minutes By Tractor”. They produce modern bistro food, that is not trying to be too fancy, but still has a little bit of flare. Produce is top quality.

I have eaten here around 5 times and there are so many favourites, which include: Wood grilled pork shoulder (OMG), pumpkin and sage gnocchi (best gnocchi ever), crispy masterstock chicken (best KFC you will eat), beef brisket (yum), parmesan churros (aaahhhh), wood smoked ox (wow) and charcuterie board

Food bridges the gap between simple and fancy and will appeal to anyone from pub food lovers to serious foodies.


Only open since May 2014, the place has clearly had a lot of thought put into it.  A cellar door unique on the Peninsula, is the old storage cupboard transformed into a wine room with a large elevated shared table with seats around. It provides and intimate private feel and is a real winner with guests.

The restaurant is a seriously cool space, which is casual but also really elegant. A deck looking out over the vines is one of the prettier spots in the area to dine.  There are also relaxing sunlounger/chairs to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or coffee

It’s just a great spot. When I brought my family here (which is a real vote of confidence in itself), my mum became obsessed with my sister and her boyfriend, who aren’t engaged, getting married here and made pricing enquiries with the manager. They weren’t averse and toured the grounds to look at its suitability.

Best suited for

Smaller groups who love top quality food and wine in a casual, beautiful setting.

What we like

The food, the wine the setting are all top class.

This is a lasting personal favourite and somewhere I love to spend an afternoon.

What we don’t like

Groups of only 10 (12 at a stretch) or under fit in the cellar door, the restaurant doesn’t like larger groups either. It’s also getting really popular, so is getting harder to get into, bookings are essential for lunch.

Random selection of wines on cellar door, sometimes they have top-shelf, sometimes not