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Port Phillip Estate: The Best Setting On The Mornington Peninsula


Address: 263 Red Hill Road, Red Hill South, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Moscato, Pinot Gris



One of the largest, most well known labels on the Mornington Peninsula, the Port Phillip Estate holds quite a highly regarded reputation. After the owners purchased Kooyong Estate, they combined to create an impressive estate that boasts a huge range of wine from both vineyards.

Visiting Port Phillip is an experience within itself, and that’s before the first cork is even popped. Sitting in the tasting bar or the more formal dining area for a bite to eat, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sloping Red Hill afforded by giant windows. There’s also the notable barrel room where the French oaked wines are matured, which is accessible via an impressively large staircase that descends underground.

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As mentioned, Port Phillip Estate purchased Kooyong Estate a number of years ago, but still continues to label their wines under both estate names. It’s lucky that they do, as one of their signature wines is their Kooyong Pinot Noir. In fact, most of the top sellers in their cellar are their pinot noir and chardonnay varieties, although they’ve got a splattering of sauvignon and shiraz too.



Where could you find a possibly better setting than the absolutely breathtaking Red Hill? The dining room and tasting bar’s enormous windows offer you a gateway directly into this charming region, but that’s not all there is too see at Port Phillip Estate.

They’ve made sure their interior is just as impressive as their exterior surrounds, with their facilities and light-filled modern rooms providing an elegance that only amplifies the entire experience. Whether you’re sampling a few wines or taking your time to wine and dine, this stunning setting will make sure you never want to leave.

What we like

It truly is a spectacular setting – in fact, one of the best on the Mornington Peninsula. There’s an elegance and formality about the Port Phillip Estate that doesn’t go over the top on being intimidating or taking itself too seriously, which, in our books, is the ideal combination.

What we don’t like

While the interior of the estate is something spectacular and will be to most people’s taste, the exterior is imposing and brutalist and can be imposing for some people but once you get past this and through the threshold you’ll be thoroughly rewarded.


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