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The Old Apple Shed @ Tallarida Estate: Refreshingly Simple


Address: 148 Browns Rd, Rosebud

Varieties: Sparkling, Sparkling Shiraz, Prosecco, Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Rose, Cider and Ginger Beer


The Old Apple Shed at Tallarida Estate is your not your typical cellar door. Set within a working winery, they provide a rustic, relaxed and sometimes rambunctious experience. What is good to know is the team behind Old Apple Shed are seasoned veterans so know what it takes to make a successful stop and one that Wine Compass loves to visit on our tours.

As you might expect from an estate Old Apple Shed is a rather charming and down to earth affair. The welcoming and relaxed vibes draw you in from the moment you arrive.  Kate Magee used to run the cellar door experience at Bluestone Lane, and now uses her expertise to help visitors discover the wines and ciders that The Old Apple Shed has to offer. She, along with the rest of the team, do a fantastic job in creating an ideal place to enjoy a few drinks and laughs.

Old Apple Shed from afar



The Old Apple Shed has a ridiculously long range of bubbles, white and red wines and ciders on hand, and visitors can enjoy this selection through their generous and varied tastings. It’s probably best you tailor the tastings to your preference as you may feel a little wobbly on your feet if you get through the full list. Their wines are locally sourced from a small but talented producer, and include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Heathcote Shiraz, Sparkling and Moscato. There’s also a delicious alcoholic ginger beer for a refreshing twist.

But if it’s their showstoppers you’re after, you really can’t look past their amazing ciders. Flavours on offer are apple, pear, strawberry and passionfruit, and people buy them by the caseload. Why? Once you’ve tried them, no further explanation will be necessary.

Wine Compass tour loading up on ciders

We weren’t lying (source Wine Compass instagram)


While you shouldn’t expect to dine on any Michelin star quality food at The Old Apple Shed, they’ll still make sure your stomach isn’t grumbling. More specifically, the team offer up a simple but satisfying cheeseboard that perfectly pairs with your wine and hits just the spot after a day of tastings.


The entryway to The Old Apple Shed is set up in such a way that you drive in through the vines, presenting you with a beautiful view from the get go. From there the estate continues to deliver, especially through their cellar door, which is set within their spacious winery. As the cellar door is the heart of a working winery, the venue can look different each visit, as often the Barrel Room is being utilised for the wine making process.  This gives an authentic tone to your tasting, while still maintaining those casual vibes we love about The Old Apple Shed.  They also have regular music and acts on a Sunday afternoon adding to the vibe (but don’t expect to hustle for a tasting then, you will have to just grab a drink instead)

If the weather is nice you can sit outside on the grass and enjoy the backyard vibes, it’s just a big friendly BBQ feel and a great place to end the day.

Wine Compass tour enjoy a casual tasting

What we like

There’s a lot to love about The Old Apple Shed; the great team, relaxed atmosphere, and generous tastings all go a long way in creating one all-round enjoyable experience. Their popular ciders are also a really big drawcard, and once you taste them you’ll likely agree.

What we don’t like

Unfortunately during busy times service can be a little slow so it can sometimes take a while to get through the long tasting list which can throw off your timings a bit, but hey the flip side of this is you get to hang out a little longer and enjoy the vibe.  They also don’t have the best facilities but know they are working on this so were expecting big things come Spring.

Inside the Old Apple Shed barrel room

UPDATE: check out their new website

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