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Four Pillars Distillery: Yarra Valley’s Trendiest Spot


Address: 2a Lilydale Road, Healesville, VIC 3777

Varieties: All things Gin

Four Pillars tasting rooms and bar

Four Pillars tasting rooms and bar (source Four Pillars Facebook)


Set within a converted warehouse, Four Pillars Distillery has carved out a hip haven for gin lovers. The friendly and fun staff create a vibrant atmosphere for you to enjoy a drink in, and you can even watch the working distillery in action from their tasting area.

Wine Compass takes advantage of Four Pillar Distillery’s fantastic private tastings when we have a large enough group, which is well worth the extra attention.


Four Pillars produces a neat collection of artisanal gins. Through their tastings you usually get the opportunity to try up to 5 different kinds, which may include their award-winning Rare Dry Gin, cocktail-staple Navy Strength, or even their after dinner delights Bloody Shiraz and Barrel Aged.

A line up of some of Four Pillars Gins

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Four Pillars is conveniently set in the heart of the action, right at the start of Healesville’s main road. This creates a lively and happening energy right off the bat, which staff members masterfully manage to continue once you’ve stepped through the doors.

The converted warehouse feel further adds a level of interest, as does the opportunity to check out what’s happening in the distillery while you sip your gin. Its not unusual for a high-end food truck to be parked out front providing a little sustenance for the gin sippers.

Private tasting room experience

Private tasting room experience (source Four Pillars Instagram)

What we like

A bit like the new cool kid in town, Four Pillars Distillery’s very presence has given the region a big boost. Thanks to its vibrant atmosphere, trendy setting and awesome staff, it’s quickly become one of the coolest haunts on the Yarra Valley.

What we don’t like

The only downside is they only take group bookings in the mornings which means it can be tough to get a booking if your late to the party.

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