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Coldstream Dairy: Delicious Cheese Without The Crowds


Address: 735 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream VIC


Coldstream Dairy is by no means a lavish or overcomplicated estate, but it is still a worthy member of the Yarra Valley food and wine circuit. Cheese makers husband and wife duo John and Anna built this quaint and homely dairy from the ground up, and continue to carry on the delightfully simplistic atmosphere on which it was built.

It’s not the busiest spot on the Yarra Valley but that just adds to its overall charm. As does the delicious cheeses they have available to try, which is, of course, the main reason for stopping by.


Using local Yarra Valley milk, the team at Coldstream Dairy focuses on hand-making Italian-inspired cheeses, fresh feta, and yummy yoghurt. Through a tasting with Wine Compass, you’ll get to sample around 4 or 5 different cheeses, and quickly understand why we enjoy coming to this place so much.

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Although they’ve claimed some prime real estate along the touristic strip of Maroondah Highway, Coldstream Dairy aren’t putting up any fronts to try and match the visual appeal of their grand neighbouring estates. Instead you’ll find a cute and cosy shed filled with their hand-made delicacies and local produce, ready for you to sample and/or buy.

What we like

As unapologetic lovers of the boutique experience, Coldstream Dairy is a great place to escape from the Yarra Valley’s busier pockets. Much less commercial than some of the other places in the region it’s a reminder of why we love supporting some of the smaller producers. With quality cheese and unpretentious service it’s a great addition to any tour.

What we don’t like

At times, Coldstream Dairy can miss the mark a little on the amount of information or level of attention they provide groups. This is particularly disheartening considering they aren’t usually all that busy with visitors.

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