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Domaine Chandon: For The Love Of Sparkling


Address: 727 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream, VIC 3770

Varieties: Sparkling, Chardonnay, Pinot Shiraz, Rose, Pinot Meunier, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris


Hands down, Domaine Chandon is our most requested winery. And of course it makes sense; who doesn’t like to stop for a pop of some sparkling wine in the champagne style? This is an outpost of the famous Moet and Chandon Champagne House, so you won’t get much closer to the real thing than this

The rest of the Yarra Valley usually has the same idea as our guests, though, and Domaine Chandon is always bustling with visitors.


Naturally, the spotlight for the most part is on the sparkling wines of Domaine Chandon. Within a tasting they’ve always got at least 3 different options to choose from. Domaine Chandon stays true to their Yarra Valley location though, with a spattering of reds including a couple of lovely Pinot Noir options.

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The best accompaniment to a flute of sparkling is gorgeous scenery to enjoy it with, and Domaine Chandon certainly delivers there. Their property boasts beautiful views out over their vineyards with the Dandenong Ranges setting a postcard-picture worthy backdrop.


What we like

If there’s one thing we enjoy more than anything, it’s seeing a smile on our customers’ faces. And for sparkling lovers, this place definitely does the trick.

The private group tastings rooms also add something special with experienced and engaging cellar door staff keen to run your through their traditional methods of production. The hosted tasting are somewhat different running you through an explanation of their range before trying the goods. We love this.

What we don’t like

On the Yarra Valley’s most touristic strip of wineries and with one of the biggest names in the industry, it’s a safe bet that Domaine Chandon gets incredibly crowded, and that can be a bit much for us.

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