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Yarra Valley Chocolates: Unlimited Chocolate? Say No More


Address: 35 Old Healesville Road, Yarra Glen, VIC


A paradise for lovers of chocolate, no one should be surprised that Yarra Valley Chocolates is most likely the busiest spot in the region. There’s plenty to keep the hoards of visitors happy though; an abundance of free chocolate buttons, a view into the chocolate-making workshop, a café and ice creamery on site, and so many variations of chocolates to purchase.

To keep up with the crowds, Yarra Valley Chocolates also offers fantastic private tastings for those who think to plan ahead and book.


As you’d expect, they’ve got quite an assortment of chocolates to try. Through the premium range tasting that Wine Compass arranges for our guests, you are able to try 12 different gourmet chocolate flavours – enough to satiate anyone’s sweet tooth! They also have famous ice cream and coffee and tea.


Yarra Valley Chocolates is quite a large establishment, which means there’s plenty of room to roam to get rid of that sugar high. Inside you’ll find the place is packed with delicious treats to buy, plus a café and ice creamery to unwind in.

When the weather is nice, the lawn surrounding Yarra Valley Chocolates is usually covered in visitors laying out in the sun and enjoying some ice cream or other chocolate goodies.

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What we like

Three words: Unlimited chocolate buttons. What’s not to like about that?

What we don’t like

Yarra Valley Chocolates attracts visitors in hordes. Easily one of the busiest spots on the Yarra Valley, you usually have a lot of other chocolate lovers to contend with. That being said, the amount of space makes the crowds at least a little bit more bearable.

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