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Cool Climate Shiraz

Since first arriving in 1831, Shiraz has grown to be Australian wine’s champion grape, proving that excellent fine wines could be made here and defining the new world style for many. Almost a third of all grapes planted in Australia are Shiraz. Most commonly associated with the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, these warm climates produce bold, ripe and rich red wines that first brought Australian wine to the world’s attention. These warm climate Shiraz are the most well-known and tend to be full-bodied, richly flavored and textured. However Shiraz is a versatile grape that can flourish in different regions, although with a different result.


While less famous than their South Australian cousins, Shiraz is also grown in the cooler climate areas of Victoria such as the Grampians, Heathcote, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. These cool climate areas produce varying styles but tend toward savory and medium-bodied in contrast to the warmer styles. The fruit and herbal characteristics are more subdued and more likely to make a good match with food, without overpowering the dish. Less heat over the summer means a thinner skin, resulting in fewer and softer tannins. Generally speaking the flavours are similar but are often fresher, resulting in white pepper rather than black pepper, or mint rather than licorice. These wines are made in smaller quantities and are less celebrated but form an elegant, complementary cohort of fine Australian red wines.

Some of our favorite examples of cool climate Shiraz come from the warmer areas of the Mornington Peninsula.


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– Moorooduc Estate Whole Bunch Shiraz 2013     

Strongly aromatic with interesting herbal characteristics and soft silky tannins with a long finish. A stand out example of cool climate Shiraz from the peninsula.

– Paringa Estate Shiraz 2013

A classic, true blue Australian trying on a French beret for style. A perfect balance between old world and new and a great introduction to the style.

– Tuck’s Ridge Shiraz 2013

Described as a cool climate ‘Syrah’ style, this wine is seriously stylish and will elevate any meal you care to match it with, although the winemakers will insist it pairs best with barbecued lamb.

To find out more about local producers of cool climate Shiraz, give us a call, enquire about a Mornington Peninsula tour or Yarra Valley tour or check out some of our favourite wineries.



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Mark Carboon
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How about naming some other cool climate wines and regions?

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