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Montalto Piazza: Delicious Seasonal Lunch

We recently took a group of 6 people for an amazing sharing style lunch at Montalto Piazza. Pics below

Montalto Piazza

It was a beautiful Autumn day

Montalto tasting

The group enjoyed a tasting first

Montalto Piazza bread and olives

Spelt & fennel ciabatta, olive oil with estate grown olives, a nice way to start

Montalto Squid

Grilled squid, caper & raisin dressing, pine nuts. This was a real hit, with the dressing getting lots of comments

Montalto Piazza quail

Grilled quail, blood plum glaze, togarashi. Some of the guests had never tried Quail before but they all raved about it


Montalto Piazza pumpkin

Pumpkin with tomato sauce, yoghurt sauce, chickpeas and freshly picked herbs. It’s not often that pumpkin is crowned “Dish of the Day” but this was amazing


Montalto Piazza pizza

Napoli, buffalo mozzarella & basil. Was too slow to get the whole thing, everyone loved the creamy cheese and fresh basil

Montalto Piazza Snapper

Grilled whole Snapper, sauce vierge. It was almost too much, but this Snapper really finished off the meal

Montalto Piazza carrots

These carrots with Tapenade were also a big hit

We also had some amazing and generous service on the day. Catering to a couple of Moscato drinkers and making the group feel really special

If you would like to visit Montalto Piazza for lunch on one of our tours check out Mornington Peninsula tours or our Montalto profile

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