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Bluestone Lane Vineyard: Good Vibes & Good Wines


Address: 269 Myers Road Balnarring, VIC 3926

Varietals: Sparkling, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz,  Sauvignon Blanc, Rose  Moscato, and a twist on Apple and Pear ciders.

*Note they temporarily rebranded to Is Blue


They might be operating out of a small country style cellar door but Bluestone Lane Vineyard more than makes up for it in big personality. There’s no pretence of expensive wines that are so commonly found in the Red Hill region; instead it’s just reasonably priced, drinkable tipples created by a good-natured and down to earth team.

The real highlight to be found in Bluestone’s cosy and welcoming setting is their cellar door experience. Plenty of laughs and stories are shared as you are taken through their list.

One thing is for sure, the Bluestone Lane team (and their knack for generous pours) are sure to leave a smile on your face.

Bluestone Lane restaurant and vines


Bluestone Lane Vineyard is quite a small producer, but they’ve still managed to pull together an impressive list of wines. Amongst their affordably priced reds and whites is a fantastic Sparkling, made traditional Method Champanoise which is fermented twice to form tiny bubbles that are soft and smooth.

In addition to their wines that you can’t find anywhere else is the unique twist they have put on their range of ciders. They produce an Apple Yuzu, Chai Pear, Blueberry cider and Peach moscato and are always looking to add this this range. Be warned though at 8% ALC they are not for the faint hearted.

Bargains all round, makes the decision tough


Run by duo Steph and Fred Keene (the masterminds behind Bar Noir in Mornington) the team have set out to provide a refined yet simplified dining experience with a modern Australian flair. The food is so pretty you almost don’t want to eat it but when you do…wow. The flavours and textures are exceptional. This is a unique dining experience with exciting food that is sure to fuel a conversation. Definitely worth a stop if you are looking for something that extra bit special.

One of the many delicious dishes at Bluestone Lane Restaurant


Prepare to get nice and cosy in the welcoming burrows of Bluestone Lane. The growing vines are on the same estate, creating a picturesque and tranquil setting for you to enjoy as you taste their wares.

During the winter the team get the wood fire crackling, and in the summer there’s plenty of breezy outdoor space to relax in.

What we like

We rate the cellar door experience as the best thing Bluestone Lane has got going for them. With the wine and entertaining stories flowing, it’s the perfect recipe for an enjoyable time. We also love that the cellar door tastings are paired with a no fuss cheese platter so if your feeling peckish then it’s a great stop to tide you over.

Is blue Chai Pear Cider

What we don’t like

Until recently the cellar door can feel a little small when you have a number of groups in at once but they are working hard to extend the space (including the build of some extra facilities) which will be a wonderful addition. In the meantime though the team do a great job of trying to make sure groups arrive separately so they can focus on presenting to one at a time, but all it takes is for one group to be a bit late and it starts to get a bit chaotic.

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